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At Vegatron, we offer you the most competitive prices & some of the longest B2B payment terms in the industry.


Vegatron Pte Ltd specializes in the distribution of Petroleum and Specialty Lubricants founded by our Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Koh.

Be it you are a small business operator or a global conglomerate, whether you’re new or existing customer, we provide the same levels of unrivalled service to all, it simply means you can count on Vegatron in your time of need. So whatever your requirements, you can be sure that we will always deliver on price, support and service.

Our Commitment to the Oil & Gas Industry


The future of the Oil & Gas starts here, prices fluctuate and market has always been volatile. Nevertheless, rest assured at Vegatron, we aim to deliver the best on price.

A new era has come and with it is the opportunity to drive the energy transition towards sustainable and greener energy systems. It is time for reinvention amid the energy transition. We aim to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the Oil & Gas industry.

Vegatron is constantly striving to be among the top in the industry. We have identified the heavy impact of advantages in digital technology and have placed this at the center of our attention. We specially handpicked the most durable and tough operators for our transportation yet ensuring the low emissions. To further bring this industry to the next level, we have developed an in-house V-7 system to encourage an eco-friendlier environment, to find out more on our V-7 systems please Click here

Our Vision

To be Singapore’s preferred Diesel & Specialty Lubricant Company for Anyone and Everyone.

Our Mission

To revolutionize, bringing digitization to the fuel and lubricant industry.

Our Core Values

Safety, Commitment, Customer Focus, Innovation, Tenacity, Integrity & Honesty, Efficiency