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Diesel Delivery

We specialize in providing petroleum to a wide range of industry. We cater to different size, from bulk to loose, drums and etc.

Our client based consists of














Data Centre

Vegatron Diesel Fuel truck Driver

Bulk Delivery

Bulk delivery of diesel supply in Singapore is important to many corporations and industries. As an experienced diesel supplier, we at Vegatron are ever dedicated to ensuring that your bulk diesel supply needs will arrive in a timely manner and is handled with transparency. Vegatron consists of the latest technology to help monitor the business needs. Our fleet of trucks is fitted with real-time GPS tracking technology that allows “live” operational videos.

V-7 has also made use of advanced technology to make logistic delivery more transparent and convenient. Thus, you can guarantee that the monitoring of your diesel delivery is always within your reach.


Top up Delivery

Alternatively, you may choose to top up directly to your equipment, fleet or tanks. Our delivery trucks are equipped with the latest electronic fuel metering control systems that are maintained regularly to upkeep a high level of accuracy. Our diesel top-up service is like your typical visit to an oil station, only it’s on wheels. Thus, wherever you are in Singapore, your diesel delivery will always find its way to you.

V-7 is created to give all our clients’ peace of mind, allowing less fraud and more accountability to safeguard the business. With accurate diesel top-up monitoring, you can ensure transparency and accountability from Vegatron.

Vegatron Top up Delivery

Airport / Data Centre Diesel Service

Diesel supply is not exclusive to land vehicles anymore. With the growing presence of maritime and air transportation as well as the other purposes of diesel fuels, the demand for reliable diesel delivery in Singapore to support various industries is increasing. At Vegatron, we promise delivery of Diesel for any special or emergency events, anytime and anywhere. Our clients have benefited greatly from the reliability of mobile fueling services in their truck fleets for decades, therefore we have expanded beyond the traditional businesses, Airport Diesel Delivery Service and even Data centre delivery Service.

Our airport diesel delivery service is meant to help aerial transportation systems to run efficiently with bulk diesel supply delivery that is both hassle-free and reliable. Planes, helicopters, and many other facilities inside an airport use diesel and lubricants to properly function. Thus, we extended our delivery service to this field. Moreover, we also serve data centres for their diesel needs. As data centres are now serving as a backbone for many industries, it is crucial to sustain their fuel needs through a reliable service from an experienced diesel supplier in Singapore. These extended services are our way of reaching out to more and more industries that can benefit from diesel supply. With someone to support these industries, they can provide more for our economy. Thus, a win-win situation for all.

Be on top of the situation, always have the fuel you need!
  • Gain highly accurate inventory control
  • Make fewer unnecessary trips to top off tanks
  • Avoid having to stick the tanks for fuel levels
  • Minimize down time so your site operates at optimal performance
  • Avoid the issues associated with running out of fuel

Tank Monitoring

Gain complete and accurate inventory control in real time!

Aside from our reliable diesel delivery in Singapore, we also offer advanced tank monitoring technology for use on fuel and generator tanks of all sizes. Thus, ensuring easy and automatic monitoring of fuel levels to maximize savings. It can monitor both the fuel levels of the tank and keeps us informed about the exact fuel levels inside the tank. As a diesel supplier, we wanted to exercise transparency at all times. We wanted to repay our clients’ trust with the honesty they deserve. Thus, we keep our tank monitoring system as accurate and reliable as possible with the latest technology.

Rest assured for accurate schedule refuelling, to minimise business downtime. We know how important every second is to many business owners and we are on a mission to deliver diesel top-up and monitoring services that will not waste your valuable time.

Our technology can provide you with all essential tank details for your business including:

  • Summary of all tank locations with GPS tracking on each tank monitor
  • Tank names and fuel types
  • Tank capacity levels
  • Current level readings on a daily basis
  • Capabilities of setting alarm notifications based on product temperature and level
Vegatron Tank Monitoring Level Chart
Our system will help you to have an overview of all your tanks quickly and easily within a glance!