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V-7 by Vegatron

V-7 is an all-in one management system by Vegatron, making it easy for businesses of all scales to manage orders, track usage, accounts and make everyday decisions more effectively. With our highly intuitive User Interface and powerful features including built-in phone & email, product ordering, intelligent workflow automation, and with a visual reports dashboard keep track of your business. V-7 gives businesses everything essential to manage & scale their daily operations without having to do it the traditional way.

3 Ways Vegatron can take you
to the next level

   Operations and Business Process Tracking

   Account Management with a 360-Degree View

   E-Sign Order Digitally

New Account & Billings

Let our dedicated team of specialist manage your day to day accounts needs; from setting up an account with us to ordering and billing. Arrange for recurring payment methods with our team for a hassle-free experience.

Payment made Convenient

  •   Cash On Delivery
  •   Credit Term
  •  Corporate Fleetcard
  •  Individual Fleetcard

Be it if you are a corporate client or an individual, you get to enjoy the flexibility of our service for greater savings. For our fleedcard services, we guarantee you attractive fuel saving when you refuel at your designated retail stations.

Application of our fleetcard is hassle-free, to apply for the fleetcard service, click here to get started. Let’s get digitalize and join the world in saving the earth.

Need an extra copy of your invoice?

  •   Saves Time
  •   Saves Space
  •  Saves Money
  •  Eases Transfer of Information
  •  Promotes the Environment
  •  Boosts Security

Have access to your invoices anytime. We promise that the invoices are concise and simple to comprehend. Come join us today, with V-7 e-invoicing on the go.