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5 Things To Note When Choosing Your Diesel Supplier In Singapore


C hoosing a diesel fuel supplier to work with when there are numerous companies to choose from can be a daunting task, especially when prices are competitive and the services provided are often pretty straightforward.

Many diesel suppliers in Singapore pride themselves on the excellent customer service they provide and competitive pricing their offer, but what are some other key things that can influence your decision and what should you look for when searching for a diesel fuel supplier?

1. Efficiency

Efficiency is always the most important when it comes to running a business. Being able to receive the diesel supply you need from a supplier on time is crucial as this can help ensure that your operations for the day can continue. Every wasted hour equates to extra losses in many industries, and you wouldn't want that for yourself.

Before settling on a single diesel supplier, consider how efficient they are at supplying your company with the diesel fuel you require. Are you able to get same-day deliveries at any time of the day? Or will you have to place your order ahead of time?

The answers to these questions will help you narrow down your options to a few diesel suppliers who can assist you in the smooth running of your business.

2. Procurement Process

From searching for a supplier and agreeing to terms to acquiring goods and services, this entire process is called a procurement process.

An efficient procurement process is just as important to a business as the efficiency of a supplier. Dealing with multiple stakeholders within a company will take a significant amount of time, resulting in delayed business operations and additional losses over time.

When evaluating and deciding on a diesel fuel supplier to work with, consider how efficient their processes are - do you have to go through multiple people to finally get your supply? Will you only need to liaise with one account manager?

An even better solution is to find a diesel supplier in Singapore that offers an online ordering platform, allowing you to place your orders and schedule your diesel delivery with just a few clicks.

V-7 By Vegatron Technology App

At Vegatron, our V-7 Technology allows you to do just that; it is an all-in-one management system that enables businesses of all scales to easily manage orders, track usage, accounts, and make more effective daily decisions. This intelligent workflow automation will help you to effectively get your business going.

3. Variety of Services

Businesses place a high value on smooth processes, and your company should do the same. Instead of having to communicate with multiple suppliers on a daily basis, being able to obtain all of the supplies you need from a single supplier will make operations much easier.

Diesel suppliers who also provide 24/7 refuelling when needed, a fuel management system for efficient tracking of your fuel usage, and even provide lubricant oils to maintain and manage your fleet can assist you in smoother business operations.

4. Payment Modes

Payment methods may not be the primary concern for most businesses, but they are an important consideration when selecting a diesel supplier in Singapore.

Having a clear payment timeline, deadline and process in place is critical to ensuring that your company does not fall behind on payments. Some companies offer cash on delivery payment options, which can be inconvenient for some businesses while others may find this most effective.

On the other hand, some suppliers bill you on a monthly basis, which can be a hassle due to the amount of paperwork involved.

Cash on delivery, flexible credit terms, repayment schemes, corporate and individual fleet cards are some payment methods Vegatron offers for a hassle-free experience. Our credit terms can range from one month to more than four months, with no interest or extra charges. The flexible repayment scheme also allows you to pay only when your company has sufficient cash flow.

5. Pricing

Of course, one of the most important factors to consider is the pricing charged by diesel fuel suppliers. Ultimately, a business wouldn’t want to pay exorbitant prices for diesel.

A good diesel supplier should be able to regulate their pricing and offer you the best bang for your buck. By that, we mean the most value for money service. Cheaper is not always better, but when you’re selecting your supplier, weigh your options and consider how valuable a company’s services and products are.

Example supplier A may charge you $500 per month for mediocre service, whereas another may charge you $650 per month for excellent customer service and hassle-free experiences. In such cases, the additional $150 wouldn’t seem that bad after all.


Do you need a reliable diesel delivery service in Singapore? Vegatron specialises in the distribution of petroleum and lubricant oils at the most competitive prices while providing premium and quality products and services. Contact us today to begin your journey towards a smooth and efficient diesel delivery experience.



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