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Diesel & Lubricants Delivered Islandwide

At Vegatron, we offer you the most competitive prices & some of the longest B2B payment terms in the industry for products such as diesel, AdBlue and other lubricant. With supply depots across the country, we can provide marine gas oil delivery to any location in Singapore within a few hours!

Why Choose Us?
  • Credit Terms Billing Cycle.
  • Competitive prices for diesel.
  • Emergency deliveries available all day, every day.
  • Dedicated Account Manager to maintain your account portfolio.
Why Choose Vegatron for your Lubricant Needs?
  • Industry Experts to blend you the perfect lubricant for your business.
  • Providing you Support & Advice 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.
  • Islandwide Delivery within Singapore.
  • Order & Receive the Next Day or Have it Delivered on the Same Day of Ordering.
  • Have Your very own Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Flexible Payment Schemes Provided.
Islandwide Lubricants, Premium Quality Service

Our Islandwide Delivery services ensure that you can benefit greatly from our hand-picked quality blends, no matter where-ever you are in Singapore. We offer same day and next day delivery service, this is to ensure that you would never have to wait long for your lubricant supply.

Lubricants That Are Used In Every Application
  • Fully synthetic engines lubricants
  • Passenger car engine lubricants
  • Heavy duty diesel engine lubricants
  • Biodegradable lubricants
  • Hydraulic lubricants
  • Gear oil lubricants
  • Metal working fluids
  • Automatic transmission fluids
  • Rubber process oils
  • Transformer oils
  • Multipurpose Greases
  • Food-grade lubricants
Why Choose Vegatron for Your AdBlue (DEF) Needs?

There’s always been a price to pay for development. However, the price should never be something that will come back to us in three-folds, for instance, the destruction of our environment. Being in the oil industry for years, Vegatron knew the responsibility we have to save our natural resources, Adblue is one of our answers to the demand for a more greener economy. Adblue in Singapore is commonly known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) used to reduce the amount of air pollution created by diesel engines. Adblue is used to treat exhaust gases on modern diesel engines, by doing so it helps to reduce the carbon footprint. In return, it contributes towards the ongoing environmental efforts and helps to reduce diesel fuel consumption.

Our available packaging options are as small as 20 Litres to as much quantity as 1000 Litres.

For your convenience, with our fleet card service, you can use it at our designated refuelling stations.

AUS 32, ARLA 32 and AUS 40 are non-toxic, colourless, odourless and non-flammable fluid.

Vegatron High Quality Road Diesel

High Quality Road Diesel

  • Diesel 10 PPM (Parts per Million)
  • Series Diesel 10ppm is an improved fuel version from the Diesel 50 PPM Sulphur.
  • Generally used in diesel automotive to reach emission standard for Euro 5 & above.
  • Direct from Refinery meeting strict guidelines of BS EN 590:2009 quality standards.
  • Rock bottom competitive prices based on large bulk buying power.
  • Recommended as it lowers maintenance costs.
  • Dependable in keeping your diesel engine clean and protected from wear.
  • Less harmful to the environment.
Vegatron Marine Gas Oil

Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Vegatron specializes in supplying a range of Marine Fuels to meet the ship’s fuel requirements. We are committed to delivering the highest quality assurance and safety standards – be assured that our marine fuel is within the obligations for IMO 2020. We strive to maintain high standards of safety in all of its operations

Our exclusive High Grade MGO is suitable for marine applications. The Sulphur content ranges from 0.05%-0.5%, available in bulk, container, drums, etc.

Whatever your requirement may be, we will have it delivered to you. Call us at +65 6777 7772 today.

Vegatron Industrial Distillate Fuel

Industrial Distillate Fuel (IDF)

Maintaining the durability of the equipment is essential for the industrial world. IDF is a low sulphur distillate fuel oil, commonly used for combustion processes. E.g., boilers and furnaces, with a fuel requirement of sulphur content lower than 0.5%m.


Petrol Engine Oil

  • Keep engine clean, longer drain interval.
  • Reduces valve train wear & durability.
  • Keeps engine condition long lasting.
  • Increases engine lifespan.
  • Top class engine performance for current new generations higher horse power.
  • Quick clutch engagement.
  • Excellent power transfer under slipping condition.
  • Smooth gear shift, excellent control on wear & extend life of gear.

Diesel Engine Oil

  • Free from impurities.
  • Minimizes engine deposits.
  • Good control on sludge engine performance.
  • Engine kept clean with longer drain interval.
  • Reduces valve train wear & durability
  • Lifespan of engine increases.
  • Performance of engine top class, for high horse power for new generations today.
  • Shift gears easily and extend the lifespan of gear.
  • Transfer power when using clutch, under slipping conditions.

Hydraulic Oil

  • Fantastic protection against wears.
  • Effective against rust and corrosion.
  • Exceptional stability against oxidation.
  • Compatible with seal and gaskets made from synthetic material.

Gear Oil

  • This oil gives fuel efficiency.
  • For usage under extreme pressure mode.
  • Keeps your vehicle components running longer.
  • Smooth gear-shifting performance
  • Superior protection against rust and corrosion, oxidation, foaming and deposits
  • Performs in demanding mechanical transmissions, axles and gear boxes.


  • Grease can act as a sealant to prevent lubricant leakage and keep deteriorated seals effective in cases where oil would leak out of the application.
  • It avoids corrosive contaminants and foreign material to enter and has a much longer service.
  • Solids such as graphite, calcium carbonate, molybdenum disulphide, PTFE and hBN will be held in suspension, while these solids tend to settle out of oil.
  • Grease-demanding equipment is simple in design, requires less space and they weigh substantially less than similar equipment. This will result in reducing the cost of the equipment, both for purchase and maintenance.

Specialty Lubricants

Shield your business with a wide range of lubricants from a supplier who knows the industry inside out. Understanding which oil is the best fit for your business can be challenging. Using the inaccurate blends could possible damage your equipment in the long term. We will eliminate the stress of searching for the right product, this allows you to protect your business and investment.



Ensure compliance with emission standards by utilising high-quality AdBlue solutions supplied by a trusted distributor in Singapore. Vegatron is the ideal solution provider for a cleaner Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) solution on modern diesel engines if you are looking for an AdBlue in Singapore to meet your specific needs.

AdBlue has a role in drastically reducing harmful chemical emissions from diesel engines globally. As regulatory bodies implement stringent emission control measures to address and curb its environmental impact, AdBlue has become an essential solution for land and maritime vehicles powered by diesel engines. Through facilitating chemical reactions with its properties, AdBlue can neutralise harmful emissions for a greener and more sustainable future across industries.

  • High purity, 32.5% urea solution directly injected into exhaust gas.
  • Amount of nitric oxides in the emission can be reduced.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Optimized engine output.