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Islandwide Supplier of Marine
Gas Oil at Competitive Prices

Islandwide Supplier of Marine Gas Oil at Competitive Prices

We provide marine gas oil delivery in Singapore in bulk quantities ranging from 500 to 100,000 litres and beyond here at Vegatron Singapore. Having been working with the shipping sector for over many years, we're familiar with the challenges and constraints that come with bunkering ships.

We carry marine gas oil across the straits of Singapore in short periods to ensure that we can work around the tides, your budget, and your timetable. Our nationwide coverage means we can provide a delivery to you within 48 hours, no matter where your vessel is parked.


What You Can Anticipate from Vegatron Marine Gas Oil Delivery for Your Vessels in Singapore?

What You Can Anticipate from Vegatron Marine Gas Oil Delivery for Your Vessels in Singapore?

  • Urgent supply service is available. 365 days and nights in a year.
  • Islandwide coverage
  • All documentation adhering to Maritime Authority Guidelines
  • Realtime Competitive bunker fuel prices
  • Bulk marine gas oil 500 – 100,000 litres+
  • Marine Gas Oil Delivery to any vessel type will be made safely by experienced drivers.
  • Credit Terms Billing Cycle up to 180 Days
  • Dedicated Account Manager to maintain your account portfolio.

For more details or information on ordering bunker fuel Marine Gas Oil Delivery, please contact us at 6777-7772.


What is Marine Gas Oil?

Marine gas oil is a tough form of fuel oil that is used to power diesel engines on ships, boats, and other marine vessels. The fuel is known by several different names, including bunker fuel, bunker oil, heavy fuel oil, and intermediate fuel oil, and it comes in a variety of grade levels.

Bunker oil is classified into three types: distillate fuels, residual fuels, and a blend of the two – intermediate. Distillate fuels are frequently referred to as “marine gas oil,” residual fuels as “marine fuel oil” or “residual fuel oil,” and intermediate fuels as “marine diesel fuel.” Marine gas oil is the most expensive type of marine fuel, having the lowest sulphur and particle level.

As a result, it is critical that you pick a recognized source. Vegatron Fuels exclusively sells marine gas oil to guarantee that all of our clients are utilizing the best fuel possible on board.


Marine Gas Oil is Diesel?

Marine diesel is comparable to diesel fuel, except it is denser. Maritime diesel oil (MDO) is a term used to describe marine fuels that are composed of various distillates (also known as marine gas oil) and heavy fuel oil mixes. Unlike land-based motor fuels, marine diesel is not a pure distillate.

Marine Vessel Lubricants

Vegatron supplies a wide variety of lubricants used in the marine section that provides
reduced maintenance cost and improves the overall operating performance for all vessel
applications that include the following:


Gas Turbine Lubricants


Engine Lubricants


Gear Lubricants




Rope Lubricants


Compressor or
Turbocharger Lubricants


Temperature Transfer Oils


What’s Happening to Our Marine Gas
Oil Prices?

What’s Happening to Our Marine Gas Oil Prices?

The price of marine gas oil is mostly determined by the amount of bunker fuel purchased. It is often less expensive when compared to other types of diesel, however this is because marine diesel oil is of inferior quality when compared to other gas oil suited for other applications, such as heavy duty vehicles and backup generators.

Bunker fuel oil costs vary according to quality, so be sure you’re obtaining the best fuel oil for your maritime needs from Vegatron Singapore. You may phone us at any time 6777-7772. to talk with one of our maritime gas oil professionals who can advise you on which bunker fuels to buy and when.