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Fuel Management Systems

We understand in this Fuel & Lubricant industry, every drop of fuel counts. It is therefore our top priority to provide all our clients feasible solutions to ensure that every drop of fuel is accounted for. With the newest V-7’s technology, we guarantee you for constant supply of fuel for your business and prevention of wastage and fraud.

Storage Equipment

Vegatron carries an extensive range of storage tank for your permanent or temporary storage requirement. From a small storage tank capacity of 1,400 litres to bigger storing tanks ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 litres.

Every single of our exclusive light weight plastic double hull fuel station can hold up to a capacity of 1,400 litres and it is equipped with a sensor that presents real-time tracking of fuel supply. Our storage tanks are in fully compliant to the Safety Management System standards and Quality Control Management : ISO 9001 2008 certified.

For your convenience, our team will assist on the set-up of storage and to help apply for the storage permit license from Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF).

The remote access real-time online surveillance solution ensures that your tank supply is always productive and tamper-proof. With V-7 systems, it helps tomonitor and analyse your tank levels, plan and deliver tank top-ups at your most convenient date for you. Our solution can help you save downtime, money and prevent fraud orders.

To know more please call us at +65 6777 7772 to find out how we can help.

Dispensing and Authorisation

We provide a range of long-lasting, trustworthy and accurate fuel dispensing systems that can be custom-made accordingly to the requirement of your business.

The range of our fuel dispensing system have the capability to control your fuel consumption at a low cost. At the same time, it is enable to ensure the smooth and safe fuelling experience for the end users.

To know more please call us at +65 6777 7772 to find out how we can help.