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Considering of bulk purchases for your diesel needs, you would probably get the thought of fuel delivered right on a preferred date and time your business has to have it. Continue reading and find out how our one-time fueling needs can be right for you and your organization.


First-Time Fueling for Large Scale Contractors


E ven though lots of contractors may have heard about bulk diesel services that deliver on the common schedules, what they didn’t know is that there is an option for one-time diesel delivery. This is an option that contractors be it big or small should consider. Let’s say for example, you’re operating on a remote job location or you’re one that has lots of diesel equipment, bulk fuelling could save you hours.

Getting your equipment and vehicles fuelled up when the employees are off is a smarter way to get everyone working the very next day faster.

Simply call and order a one-time delivery and schedule it at a time that’s most convenient for you.

First-Time Fueling for New Company Fleets


Recently bought a new fleet of vehicles, but you are frustrated at the scarce amount of diesel in each tank, don’t let that bother you. Perhaps your school just had its fleet of new school buses delivered. One-time dueling would make sure that all the tanks of the buses are full when the first day of school begins. You can consider fueling for the following:

  • Logistics Services
  • Charted Buses
  • School Buses
  • Government Fleets

At that moment when the new fleet of vehicles arrive, call for a bulk fueling. This way, when your employees get their newly appointed vehicle its tank is full.

First-Time Fueling for Festive Events


There are always special events that you would require a good power source under all kinds of unexpected circumstances. When you’re put charge of logistics planning, and you’re thinking how to source the fuel to where you need them the most efficiently and safely you can consider one time bulk fuelling.

Got a special moment or event coming soon that you would require fuel for? A one-time delivery could be advantageous and excellent for:

  • Theme Camps
  • Conventions
  • Music Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Sports Events
  • Charity Drives

  • Road Works
  • Road Constructions
  • Site Demolition

Diesel Purchases for Large Generators

Where ever your generator is and you require diesel for it, just contact us for a no commitment diesel purchase. Bulk one time fuelling of generators are perfect for:

Advantages of Bulk One Time Fueling

The best benefits of one-time bulk fueling are:

  1. No Long Term Contracts
  2. Ease of Access

These two things above alone can take the pressure out of planning for a major event. And when you have a local bulk fuel provider that you can rely on and that knows the area well, it makes the delivery run smoothly and delivered on time.

Vegatron’s on spot bulk fueling gives you the convenience and flexibility to order diesel as and when you would require it under it’s no obligations based on daily pricing models.

Our renowned services, fuel dispatch and supply, clients can happily choose from long-term or bulk delivery fueling. Do contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of all Vegatron has to offer.