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Looking for a bunker supplier in Singapore? Let us share with you somethings to take note of and why it is important to work with a reputable bunker supplier.

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In  today’s day and age, consumers rely heavily on reliable shipping services to deliver their online purchases. One of the most important aspects of running a shipping company is ensuring that you have enough fuel to get to your destination so that you can deliver your customer’s goods on time.What happens if your ship runs out of fuel midway? It may be disastrous and can lead to panic and mishaps if not handled properly.

To avoid such dire situations, you can secure your shipping by partnering with the right bunker supplier in Singapore for a reliable marine gas oil delivery before embarking on your journey!

What is Bunkering?

The term bunker is used in the shipping industry to refer to fuel and lubricant oils that are stored on a ship and used for machinery operations.

Bunkering refers to the process of supplying fuels to ships for their use. It is an important and unavoidable component of offshore marine operations because approximately 90% of global trade relies on sea transportation. Because of our strategic location, Singapore is also one of the world’s largest and most important bunkering ports.

Importance of Reliable Bunker Suppliers

Bunkering is a dangerous procedure in the maritime industry. It requires utmost caution and expertise to ensure safety while protecting your business interests. Protecting against potential hazards such as fires and oil spills warrants the guidance of a trusted and experienced bunker supplier in Singapore. Here are some of the reasons why it is crucial to work with a reliable bunker supplier.

1  Ensure Bunkering Safety

Before bunkering begins, reliable bunker suppliers will first conduct checks according to a checklist to ensure that everything they need is in the correct place. On board communication, signs, and signals must be understood by all crew members involved in the operation in order for bunkering to take place safely. As bunkering involves highly flammable fuels, any mishaps can result in a massive fire accident.

2  Perform Bunkering Operation According to Plan

During bunkering, there are many standard operating procedures to follow, and each step must be strictly adhered to in order to keep everyone involved safe while operating efficiently. Any mistakes and miscommunication can result in accidents and oil spills, which are detrimental to the company’s reputation. This is why it is important to work with a reliable bunker supplier. They will ensure that communication is clear such that every process is understood by all parties involved before operations are conducted according to plan.

3  Ensure Correct Amount & Quality

A reliable bunker supplier will ensure that everything, from the amount and quality of the fuel to the temperature of the bunker oil, is checked on a regular basis to ensure that you receive exactly what you procured. Bunker supply can be affected even by the temperature of the bunker oil and the right supplier will not let that happen.

Accreditation Scheme for Bunker Suppliers

When looking for a bunker supplier, look for accreditation from authorities, such as the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. The accreditation scheme aims to recognise good bunker suppliers while discouraging any malpractice in the industry. In order to be accredited, bunker suppliers must meet the following three criteria:

 Minimum Paid-Up Capital of $500,000

 Have a Quality Management System for Bunker Supply Chain (QMBS)

 Satisfy three Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Craft Operations Records, Bunker Supply Records and Customer Feedback Records during the 12-month assessment period.

Bunkering malpractices will not be tolerated in Singapore, and it is possible to avoid such malpractices if you work with a reliable bunker supplier in Singapore. Vegatron specialises in the distribution of Petroleum and Specialty Lubricants in Singapore to small business operators and even global conglomerates.Get in touch with us today for more assistance.

Vegatron specialises in the distribution of Petroleum and Specialty Lubricants in Singapore to small business operators and even global conglomerates. Get in touch with us today for more assistance.



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