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Lubricant Oil Supplier Singapore:
Finding The Right Lubricant Oil For Your Business

lubricant oil on an engine  

M any of your fleet's internal parts rely on industrial lubricant oils to function properly. All of these parts, from your diesel engines to your transmission fluids, are critical for proper operation, and lubricant oils can help to keep them in good operating condition.

There are several factors to consider when selecting the right industrial lubricant oil for your fleet and you should start by taking a look at the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, the right lubricant oil is also dependent on the conditions your vehicle is operating in.

To begin, always work with a reputable lubricant oil supplier in Singapore to ensure that you only get the best lubricant oils for your vehicles. Understanding which oil is best for your business can be difficult, and using incorrect blends can cause long-term damage to your equipment or vehicles. With the right lubricant oil supplier, they can guide you further towards finding the right lubricant blend you need.

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We share with you the key factors to lubricant oil selection.

1. Function

Lubricant oils are not all the same, and your lubricant oil supplier should be able to provide you with a variety of lubricant oils for various applications. To determine which lubricant oil to use, first determine what you need it for and under what conditions it must perform, such as low temperature, saltwater exposure, high pressure, and so on.

Lubricant oils have several functions, they include:

I.    Reducing heat generation and energy consumption caused by friction
II.   Reducing mechanical and corrosive wear by preventing metal-to-metal contact
III.  Protecting surfaces from corrosive substances through quality lubricants
IV.  Transporting particles and other contaminants to filters and separators
V.   Regulating temperature by carrying away heat from friction and combustion of fuel
VI.  Transmission of power

2. Ingredients

Lubricant oils contain a variety of ingredients that have been carefully selected based on their function, with each offering a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Lubricants are typically composed of 90% base oil (either mineral or synthetic) and 10% additives. The advanced additives compensate for the deficiencies of mineral or synthetic base oils and are added based on the lubricant oil’s function.

When selecting lubricant oil for your company’s use, it will be advantageous if your lubricant oil supplier can provide you with unique blends tailored to your operational needs. At Vegatron, we have industry experts who can create the ideal lubricant for your company.Contact us to find out more.

3. Longevity

Lubricant oils have an optimal lifespan and must be stored in optimal conditions. They should always be replaced when their lifespan is over. The optimal storage condition, which is also affected by what goes into the lubricant, can have an impact on the productivity and quality of the lubricant oils.

Monitoring the operating temperature of your vehicle is an important way to track the lifespan of a lubricant. Excess heat and temperature rises of 10°C will destroy the lubricant and cut its service life in half

It will be helpful if your lubricant oil supplier is able to advise you on the optimal storage and operating conditions of your lubricant oil supply based on the ingredients that go into it.

When it comes to selecting the best lubricant oil for your business, there are numerous factors to consider. After considering the function you require, you must find one that contains the appropriate ingredients that match your vehicle, storage conditions and operating conditions. All of these issues can be addressed if you work with a reputable lubricant oil supplier in Singapore who can offer you a comprehensive solution.

At Vegatron, we care about you and your investment. Our industry experts are here to blend you the perfect lubricant oil for your business operations. Contact us today to get started.



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